The true colours of your friends.

It's always during those dark times in your life
that you will finally see the true colours of your friends
and know exactly who really cares about you.

Class will always shine through.

Be kind and polite to everyone, 
even those that are unkind
and rude to you, 
Not because they are nice but because you are.
Class will always shine through.

You control your life.

Someone will always throw stones in your path, 
it depends
on you what you make with them a wall or bridge. 
you are the architect of your life. 
Build a good one

None of us are the same.

We are all human but in no way are we the same.
We all have things that make us individual and unique.
There is a story behind each and every one
of us, A reason why we are the way we are.
Think about that before you judge anyone.

Start a new morning with a brand new light.

When the day is over, the night will come,

That day will be gone, what's done is done,
Enjoy your dreams, throughout the night,
and start a new morning with a brand new light.

Why Do It?

Calling someone ugly wont make you beautiful.

Calling someone stupid won't make you intelligent.
Making someone miserable won't make your life happier.

Thank you for being there

To all of my family and friends who listen to me when I'm

angry, hug me when I'm sad and laugh with me
(or sometimes at me) whenever they can. I just wanted
to say Thank You for being there for me.


I just wanted to tell you I love You.

Stay away from negative people.

Try to stay away from those people who talk bad all the time,
because they carry with them a negative spirit.

The reason they do is simple ~ they are not happy with who 

they are. Don't let these people drag you down with them.

Stay Positive.

Never Give Up.

No matter how alone you feel. No matter how impossible
things may seem. No matter how hard things may get.


Do you believe there are no accidents in life?

Do you believe there are no accidents in life?

All things in our lives happen for a reason and all of the people
we meet along the way will play a part in our lives
some big, some small.
Some will make us cry, some will hurt us, some will betray us
but this only serves to make us stronger.
Some will teach us valuable life lessons that will transform us
into a better, stronger and wiser person.

Zip Lock Bags ~ Who Knew?

Zip Lock Bags...........who knew? 

We went with friends to a restaurant on Sunday for lunch and sat in the patio section beside the store. We happened to notice zip lock bags pinned to a post and a wall. The bags were half filled with ...water, each contained 4 pennies, and they were zipped shut. 

Forgive people.

Forgive people in your life, even those who are not sorry
for their actions. Holding on to anger only hurts you, Not Them.

For those in my life...

For those I may have wronged, I ask for forgiveness.
For those that I have helped, I wish I could have done more.
For those I could not help, I ask for understanding.
For those who have helped me, I am grateful for all you did.

Strong walls never fall.

Whatever life gives you, even if it hurts you, just be strong
and act as if you're ok.
Strong walls may shake but they never fall down.

Life ~ enjoy it.

I always feel happy these days. You know why?

Because I don't expect anything from anyone. 
Expectations always hurt. 
I count on me because life is too short so love
your life, be happy and keep smiling. 

That's life. Feel it, live it,
love it and enjoy it.

Supporting those fighting cancer.

Cancer takes those we love far too early. It hurts us deeply 
and the loss breaks our heart. I'm sharing this on my wall in 
defiance of cancer and to show those we have lost, those 
who have fought and those that are fighting this curse, that we 
are with them and united.

Those blue eyed people in our lives.

People with blue eyes are kind hearted and always look for the 
best in others. They will love with all their heart and are the type 
of people who are hard to forget. They are the best at pretending 
to be happy during hard times and will tend to please others 
before themselves.

Trust is a fragile thing.

TRUST is a fragile thing. Easy to break, Easy to lose
and one of the hardest things to ever get back.

Truly Understand Love.

To love another person unconditionally without fear of judgement,
without doubt or jealousy, is to truly understand what love is.

Silence can be the loudest cry.

Silence can be a person's loudest cry. 
You know you have
really hurt someone when 
they start ignoring you.

Live an honest life.

Don't let your ears witness what your eyes didn't see.

Don't let your mouth speak what your heart doesn't feel.
Live an honest life.

Never hurt those who love you.

Never hurt those people in your life who love you, 
just because you know they will never hurt you back

Because one day, they will make a choice to leave your life 
and then you will understand what hurt is!

The smallest act of kindness.

All too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile,
a kind word, someone who will listen, a compliment
or the smallest act of kindness.

All of which have the power to turn someone's life around.

You gave me more than you could ever take..

To all of the people along the way who hurt me, 
lied to me, betrayed me and broke my heart.

You forced me to see the change I needed in my life 

and gave me the determination, motivation and a belief 
that I needed to change.

You gave me more than you could ever
take from me so, thank you.

Friends are like angels.

True Friends are like angels. They will lift us to our feet when
our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.

Don't tell me ~ Show me.

I hate it when someone tells me they care but
their actions show me they don't.

A Person Who Will Change your Life

We meet many people in our lifetime and none of them will 

really touch your life. But one day, you will meet a certain person 
and they will change your life forever.

Trust those who see you

Only trust someone who can see these three things in you.

The sorrow behind your smile, The love behind your anger,
and t
he reason behind your silence.

It's my life and I'm happy.

My body sometimes feels sore, but it works. I don't sleep well 
most nights, but I do wake up to fight another day.
My wallet is not full but my stomach is. I don't have all 
things I ever wanted, but I do have everything I will ever need.

I'm thankful because although my life is by no means
perfect, it's my life and I'm happy.

The Funniest Senior Moment

An elderly Florida lady did her shopping 
and, upon returning to her car, found four 
males in the act of leaving with her vehicle.

My Dad

My Dad

My father is a man like no other. He gave me life, nurtured me,
taught me, dressed me, fought for me, held me, shouted at me,
kissed me, but most importantly, loved me unconditionally.

There are not enough words I can say to describe just how
important my father was to me, and what a powerful influence
he continues to be. I Love You Dad.

Blessings from the angels..

Pssttt, hey you. Yeah I mean You. If you have taken a minute
to read this. The angels have seen your struggling with something.
The angels say its over now and a blessing is coming your way.
If you believe in angels then please send this message on to those
who may need it. Please don't ignore it, you are being tested.
The angels are going to fix two (big) things in your favour.
If you believe in angels then follow your heart and share.

A True Friend.

A True Friend.

A true friend doesn't care if you're rich or poor, if you're
being an ass, what you weigh, what you look like, if your
house is a mess, what car you drive or if you have a family
of crazy people..! Your conversations will pick up where they
left off, even if months have passed by. They will be there
for you when you need them the most and despite your
faults, will love you with all their heart and cherish the times
spent with you..!

Bringing you the luck of the Irish.

This lucky clover I do share,

wishing health & happiness to all who bear,
so share this too upon your wall
and bring good luck, health and happiness to all.

One of my biggest mistakes.

One of the biggest mistakes I've made in my life is allowing certain
people to stay in my life, far longer than they deserved to be in it.

True friends are what really matters.

As we go through life, we start to understand that it's not
important to have lots of friends.
What truly matters is that we have real friends.

Sharing A Prayer

Sharing a prayer for all my children,

grandchildren, family and friends.

Lord, watch over them, keep them healthy
and may their days be blessed.

Dear Karma

Dear Karma.

I have a list of people you missed!

4 very important words in life.

There are 4 very important words in life


Without these in your life, you have nothing.

Everyone makes mistakes.

Everyone makes mistakes in life, but that doesn't mean

they have to pay for them for the rest of their lives.

Sometimes good people make bad choices but that
doesn't mean they're bad people.

It just means they are HUMAN!

Everyone has feelings and everyone can feel hurt.

Don't make fun of people with disabilities,

regardless of what the disability is.
It may be a physical one, It may be
a physical one, but these do not stop them
being wonderful human beings.
Everyone has feelings and 
everyone can feel hurt.

Learn to dance in the rain.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.
it's about learning to dance in the rain.

One of the best feelings in the world.

One of the best feelings in the world is when you finally discover 
just how much you are valued and appreciated, especially when 
someone else has made you feel that you are worthless.

Never let one person make you feel bad because for every one 
of them there are ten others who think you are amazing.

Written By Dave Hedges.

People will always find faults

There are some people in our lives who, regardless of all the 
good, kind and meaningful things we do, will always focus on 
the faults we have and seek to use them to beat us down, 
rather than build us up when we could really use a lift. 

Sadly, it's these people we need to remove from our lives to ensure 
that it's our positivity & kindness, not their negativity, that shines through.

Written by Dave Hedges.

Real Friends Believe In You.

Fake Friends believe the tales people tell about you.

Real Friends believe in you!

Never let your loyalty become slavery.

Never let the loyalty you show others become slavery.
If they can't appreciate all the good things you bring
to the table, then let them eat alone.

No Secrets, No Lies.

A true relationship is when you can tell each other

anything and everything. No Secrets - No Lies

Sometimes it's better to keep silent.

SOMETIMES its better to keep silent
than tell others around you just how you feel.

BECAUSE it hurts badly when you know in your heart
that they can hear your words but they cannot understand.

I'm Just ME

I'm just ME

I'm not perfect, I'm me. I've made bad decisions and wrong
choices, but I'm me. I've said the wrong things, I've said the
right things, because I'm me.

I don't like everything I've done, but I did it because I'm me.
I've loved the wrong people and trusted the wrong people
and I'm still me.

If I had a chance to start again, I wouldn't change a thing.
Why? because I'm me.

There are a lot of good things about me, you just need to look
past the imperfections to see what's right. If you can't do that
then it's your loss.

I'm the best I can be. I am ME

A Prayer to help those in need.

A Prayer to help those in need.

May all of my family members and friends who need miracles be blessed. May whoever is feeling weak be given strength. May all of those who have heavy burdens have their load lightened.