Our mistakes do not define us.

A mistake is an error of judgement, not a reflection of the person you are. It's what you learn and how you react to the mistake that will show others who you really are.
~ by Dave Hedges

The lowest points in our lives.

Sometimes when we reach the lowest points in our lives, we will find the very things we need to get us back on our feet. So, during those times, keep your eyes and your heart wide open.
~ by Dave Hedges

The happiest of people.

The happiest of people don't have everything they ever wanted in this life, they just make the most of everything that this life has given them. The happiest of people have known hurt, they have felt pain, they have cried so many tears, they never gave up, despite the knocks and they are always trying to make things that little bit better. The happiest of people truly understand that the sad times never last and that the good times will always last longer and will always be the ones worth remembering.
~ by Dave Hedges

None of us are the same.

We are all human beings but in no way are we the same. We all have qualities that make us individual and unique. Things that make us special. There is a story behind each and every one of us, a reason why we have become the person we are. Think about that before you judge anyone.
~ by Dave Hedges

To be truly happy.

To be truly happy, you must accept what is happening in your life right now, put what has happened behind you, let it go and have faith in what will be coming your way.
~ by Dave Hedges

A little appreciation goes a long way.

As we get older we tend to take people for granted. We all do it and it's easy to do. Maybe it's a partner, a parent or even a close friend? Just make sure that every now and again you tell those people just how much you appreciate them and how much they mean to you. A little appreciation goes a long way.
~ by Dave Hedges

Sometimes you will meet someone and just click.

Sometimes you will meet someone and just click. They are just what you need in your life and they have an amazing ability to change your mood when you see them. They make you laugh, feel good about yourself and treat you with respect.
Everything about them brings out all the good feelings inside you and you're thankful every single day that they decided to be a part of your life. If you're lucky enough to have one of these people in your life, never let them go.
~ by Dave Hedges

Some people always find faults.

There are some people in our lives who, regardless of all the good, kind and meaningful things we do, will always focus on the faults we have and seek to use them to beat us down, rather than build us up when we could really use a lift. Sadly, it's these people we need to remove from our lives to ensure that it's our positivity & kindness, not their negativity, that shines through.
~ by Dave Hedges

Working towards your dreams.

Working towards your dreams is one of the most difficult things to do. There will be times when you just want to quit, you'll wish you hadn't started and you will feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.
Remain focused and strong because once you achieve your goal and look back on what you have been through, you will realise that it was worth all the sacrifices you made.
~ by Dave Hedges

I am a woman ~ Strong and Proud.

I don't consider myself hot or gorgeous. I don't have an amazing figure. I'm far from being considered a model but, I'm me. I eat food, I have curves, I carry a little more weight than I should, I have scars, I have a history, some people love me, some people like me, some can't stand me. I have done good, I have done bad. I love my PJ's and go without make up. I'm random and crazy. I don't pretend to be someone I'm not. I am who I am, you can take me or leave me. I won't change for nobody. When I love you, I do it with all my heart. I make no apologies for the way I am. I am a woman ~ Strong and Proud.

Never explain yourself to anyone.

Never explain yourself to anyone.
Because the person who likes you doesn't need it and the person who dislikes you won't believe it.
~ by Dave Hedges

The tree of family...

Family. Like branches of a tree we will grow in many different directions, but our roots remain firmly in the ground, provide us with strong foundations and will keep us together forever.
I Love My Family.

Things you should never do.

Never pass comment on things you've never been through. Never make promises you know you can't deliver. Never fall in love unless you're able to trust completely.
~ by Dave Hedges

To the wonderful people in my life.

To all of the wonderful people in my life, this is my wish for you. May you always have happiness to keep you smiling, trials to keep you strong, success to keep confident, faith to keep you going and belief that each day is a gift. 
~ by Dave Hedges

The people along this journey of life.

We come across many people along this journey of life and none of them will really make any difference to us. But one day, we will meet a very special person and they will change our lives, forever.
~ by Dave Hedges

The true colours of others.

One good thing about going through the worst parts of your life,
is that you finally get to see the true colours of everyone who
said they cared for you.
~ by Dave Hedges

I was raised to show respect.

I was raised to show respect. I wasn't dragged up, I was taught to knock before I open a door. Say hello when I enter a room. Say please, Say thank you and show respect to my elders. I let another person have my seat if they need it, say polite things and help others when they need me to, not stand on the side lines and watch while someone struggles. I will hold the door for others walking behind me and say "excuse me" should I need to pass. I love people for who they are, not what I can get from them and most importantly, I was raised to treat people exactly how I would like to be treated by others. It's called respect.

Supporting the fight against ALS

ASL Awareness ~ Because It Matters. I share this proudly on my wall in defiance of ALS and to show those we have lost, those who have fought and those who are fighting this terrible disease, that we are with them. Show YOUR support.

To donate to the ALS cause, click >> http://www.alsa.org/donate/

The book of your life.

Open the book of your life to those people who know love and care about you. Because some people just want to know the gossip in the pages and not the whole story your life has to tell.
~ by Dave Hedges

Life is an echo, I thought you should know.

Life is an echo, I thought you should know,
You will always reap, those things you sow,
What you dish out, you know you will get,
If you give out bad, you will surely regret.
You can call it karma, you can call it fate,
But if you give out good, you will receive great.
So try not to judge, even those who judge you.
Give out love and let your love shine through.

~ Written by Dave Hedges

No matter what. Stay Humble

No matter how successful you are. No matter how big your house. No matter how new your car or how big your bank balance is, your grave will be the same size as everyone else's. So keep your feet firmly on the ground and stay humble.
~ by Dave Hedges

Things in life we don't want.

There are things we don't want to happen but have to accept, things we don't want to know but have to learn and people we can't live without but have to let go.
~ Jennifer Jareau

Changing the way you handle things.

Before you talk, listen. It may change how you respond. Before you react, think. It may change how you do react. Before you judge, wait. It may change your views. Before you quit, try. It may be the best thing you did.
~ by Dave Hedges

Before you go to sleep at night.

Before you go to sleep at night, say a little prayer and give all of your worries and troubles to God. he will be up all night anyway, so he won't mind.
~ Created by Dave Hedges

When you fall in love...

When you fall in love, fall for someone who wants you and adores you. Someone who will understand you, even when you lose it. Someone who will help you, guide you and support you when you need them to. Fall for someone who will forgive you when you're wrong and also admit when they are. Fall for someone who will miss you and never wants to be away from you. Don't fall for looks, they will always fade. Fall for someone with a beautiful heart and soul.
~ by Dave Hedges

Not everyone who smiles at you is your friend.

Be careful who you trust and who you tell your problems to. Remember, not everyone who smiles at you is your friend.

A message to my Children.

A message to my Children. If you should ever need me, all you need to do is call me. It won't matter I'm sleeping, If we've had a falling out or if I'm going through my own issues, because there's nothing more important to me than my children. No matter what the circumstances, I will always be there for you to help, support and comfort you during your time of need. So please remember that I will always be there and I will always love you.
~ by Dave Hedges

A Mother is an amazing person.

A Mother is an amazing person. She gives life, she nurtures, she teaches, she cares. She is strong, she is vibrant, she is versatile. She is loyal, she is dedicated, she is diverse. A mother is by no means perfect and every mother makes mistakes. However, she learns as she goes and becomes stronger by the day. There is nobody more determined, there is nobody more committed and there is nobody more dependable than a mother.
~ by Dave Hedges

Perhaps they are not stars.

“Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.”
~ Eskimo Proverb

Be proud of the scars you have.

Scars, We all have them. Whether physical or emotional, visible
or not, they are there. Scars in life are good. They show you have been through life, overcome tough times and healed.
They show that you are now a stronger and wiser person and you never gave up. Be proud of the scars you have, because they are symbols of your true strength.
~ by Dave Hedges

Experience is a brutal teacher.

Experience is a brutal teacher.
But your learn. My God, do you learn.
~ C.S. Lewis.

End your day with a positive thought.

Always end your day with a positive thought. No matter how things are, tomorrow is another chance to make things better.

Three things that people find hard to say.

Three things that people find hard to say,
I love you, I'm sorry and I need help.
~ by Dave Hedges

I am your parent...

I will hold you tight, support you, guide you, teach you, hug you, protect you and love you with all my heart and soul. I am your parent. Since the day you were born and until I draw my last breath, all that I am is yours. I love you.
~ by Dave Hedges

I will stand up and fight for those I love.

I will always choose to be a lover, rather than a fighter. However, make no mistake, I will stand up and fight for those I love.
~ by Dave Hedges

The best days of your life have yet to arrive.

Where you are right now in your life is not where you will always be. Remember, some of the best days of your life have yet to arrive. So keep going.
~ by Dave Hedges

That Fateful Day ~ by Dave Hedges

I can't forget that fateful day, you had to leave, you went away,
A sadness filled me up inside, Emotions that I could not hide.
Tears, they came, sadness too, All my emotions, just for you,
Time will heal, so I was told, but time could never fill this hole.
Here in my heart, there is a place, You're always there, keeping me safe, It's filled with love and happy times, It's never dark, your light it shines.
In heaven now, you do reside, To watch over me, with love and pride, I know one day, we'll meet again, Until we do just know how much I miss you and you are  always with me, always!

Written By Dave Hedges.

There is no greater gift than family.

Family ~ Where life begins and love will never end.

There is no greater gift than family.

Stop reacting to rude, arrogant and negative people.

When you stop reacting to those rude, arrogant and negative people who impose themselves on your life, you will be happier and more content.
~ by Dave Hedges

Count your blessings and not your cash.

The best way for a person to have happy thoughts is to count their blessings and not their cash. Money and material things are deemed important but they are not what matters, it is the wealth of family and friendship that will bring true happiness and contentment in your life.
~ by Dave Hedges

Some things to consider before you decide to judge someone!

Our scars are not always visible. Our wounds are not always healed. Our illnesses are not always understood. Our pain is not always obvious to others. Some things to consider before you decide to judge someone!
~ by Dave Hedges

May you have all three as you begin each day.

Keeping love in your heart makes you beautiful. Holding on to hope makes things work. Having faith makes all things possible. May you have all three as you begin each day.
~ by Dave Hedges

If I hurt others..

Dear Lord. If I hurt others, please give me the strength to be humble and say I'm sorry. If others hurt me, help me look inside my heart and find forgiveness.
~ by Dave Hedges

Letting go of the baggage we carry...

Letting go of the baggage we carry with us, whether emotional, physical or mental, is absolutely necessary so we can move forward with our lives. Let it go!
~ by Dave Hedges

Share Positivity ~ Be Strong ~ Keep Faith.

Always pray to have eyes that will see the best in people, a heart that will forgive the worst in others, a mind that will allow you to forget the bad things that have happened and a soul that will never let you lose faith. Share Positivity ~ Be Strong ~ Keep Faith.

Let go of the negative things that hold you back.

Some of the most beautiful things in your life will only happen once you set yourself free and let go of all the negative things that are only holding you back.
~ by Dave Hedges

Being there for someone.

Being there for someone during their darkest times will always bring them a glimmer of light, a renewed hope and and inner strength when they are at their lowest point.
~ by Dave Hedges

Before you speak your words.

Before you make assumptions about someone, make sure you learn the facts. Before you judge someone, understand why they are the way they are. Before you hurt someone else, think how you would feel if you were in their shoes. Before you speak your words, think how they are going to affect others.
~ by Dave Hedges

The best gift we can give our children.

The best gift we can give our children, to teach them the valuable lessons they need in this life, is to be there for them. To guide them through the pitfalls they will face and show them how to become the best they can possibly be.
Our children need our presence in their lives rather than the presents we bring into their lives.
~ by Dave Hedges

Single People

Sometimes, people choose to be single because it's better than being in a relationship with someone who doesn't love, respect or care about them.
They choose to love, respect and care about themselves.

~ by Dave Hedges